Which Is Best for Your Signs: LED vs. Fluorescent Lighting?

Not too long ago, your only lighting alternative for illuminated signs was fluorescent lights. You now have the ability to cut the overall expense of illumination while greatly enhancing the longevity of your bulbs thanks to the development of LED technology. Yet, there are still some business owners who are reluctant to make the switch. The team at Inspired Signs & Graphics has put together this guide on LED vs. fluorescent lighting for signs in Stafford, VA to help you with your decision.

LED Lights Are Efficient and Long-Lasting

Fluorescent bulbs last half as long as LED tubes on average. Additionally, standard incandescent bulbs only last one-tenth as long as the average fluorescent bulb. Stepping up to fluorescents sounds like a good idea if you are still stuck on incandescent bulbs until you compare the efficiency of the output. However, neither of these options compare to the power of LEDs.

LEDs Can Be Disposed of Safely and Are Visually Pleasing

Flickering is a common issue with fluorescent lighting. As a matter of fact, you will often find these bulbs featured prominently in movies whenever there is a scene in a morgue or other creepy place. Is this the image you want your organization to project?

Also, everything seems to be bathed in a harsh light by the glow offered by these bulbs. This is not a good match for restaurants or hotels where the setting matters. Even worse, phosphor and mercury are used in fluorescent bulbs. These chemicals require special handling for disposal. Without casting a dreary flicker, LEDs offer a safe lighting source.

Save on Maintenance with LEDs

There is a certain level of maintenance that all signage on your property will require. For instance, you will need to perform or hire someone to perform periodic upkeep and cleaning.

However, LEDs are easier to afford when something goes wrong with the illumination. Replacement of burned out bulbs is simple and fast. You do not need to shell out a disposal fee for hazardous waste. Also, the replacement units are affordable if there is an issue with the light source.

When you factor in the cost of hazardous material handling, fluorescent bulbs are no longer the cheaper alternative you may have thought they were. In addition, it can get quite expensive fixing the ballast and associated systems.

We Can Retrofit Your Markers with LED Lighting

It makes sense to give LED lighting a fair shake now that you know the pros and cons of LED vs. fluorescent lighting for signs in Stafford, VA. Inspired Signs & Graphics regularly work with businesses in every industry to upgrade existing signage from fluorescent lighting to LED lighting or to install new signs with LEDs.

When you call us, we give you an estimate of how much it would cost to use LED replacements including service calls. We walk you through the various steps of the process as well. We can also help you compare the estimate to how much it costs to maintain fluorescent signs.

To get started on your order and to get more information on the process, contact us today.