Old Town Fredericksburg is home to over a hundred art galleries, boutiques, studios, and antique shops. Also, concentrated in the downtown area is a varied menu of restaurants. This shopping district is situated in the 40 block National Historic District in Fredericksburg. This area has more than 350 buildings from as early as the 18th century.

There is one thing that all of these bustling retailers need to get the attention of shoppers and tourists: eye-catching signage. When you are located in a historic district, it can be tricky trying to find the appropriate signs to fit the atmosphere. Fortunately, Inspired Touch Signs & Graphics offers sandblasted signs for stores in Old Town Fredericksburg, VA.

What Are Sandblasted Signs?

Sandblasting is a simple process in which we take a high-pressure jet of sand and air to remove parts of a sign panel. The goal is to make certain parts of the marker stand out by “blasting” away specific sections. The first step is applying a rubber mask to the surface of the material. The parts of the material that you want to be blasted away are exposed by cutting away the mask. A high-powered jet of sand is directed at the panel to remove the exposed areas of the sign to a specific depth.

Text or graphics are typically left over. They have a dimensional look that really pops. The last step of the process entails painting the new sign and applying any finish you want to give it a textured appearance as well as depth.

The main materials used for sandblasting are wood and high-density urethane (HDU), also known as sign foam. HDU is now used in about 90 percent of sandblasted signs since it is better for the environment than wood and can also stand up to the elements. In addition, it is less expensive.

How Are Sandblasted Signs Used?

Since Old Town Fredericksburg is trying to take visitors back to the 18th and 19th centuries, it is important to consider what signs were used back then in order to really capture the old-time feel. Signs were almost exclusively made out of wood. They were often carved and painted. Flash forward to the 21st century, and the best way to capture this look and feel is with sandblasted signs made of HDU. Because of this, sandblasted markers are the perfect exterior signs for retailers in Old Town Fredericksburg, VA.

Retailers are not the only ones who benefit from this signage. Service providers, contractors, apartment complexes, and more are also often required to use sandblasted signs to stay in keeping with the quaint appearance of the historic district or in other nearby townships with a rich history. These markers combine aesthetic appeal with durability.

Are you having trouble determining if sandblasted markers are right for your organization? Don’t sweat it! Our friendly professionals can help you evaluate your options. We perform a site survey and listen carefully to your goals when you contact us. We can then make recommendations based on your vision, budget, and surroundings.

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